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It’s only natural to be concerned if your water appears cloudy. You might even be thinking that your water supply is contaminated and unsafe. However, cloudy water is usually nothing to worry about as it rarely indicates a serious issue. Of course, it’s still a good idea to contact your local water specialists if you are concerned about your water supply. At Atlantic Blue Water Center, our water treatment professionals are trained to provide you with expert knowledge and advice. Our customers are our first priority, and we pride ourselves on offering a one-of-a-kind service you can trust. We will inspect your supply, inform you of possible solutions if they are required, and ensure your water is safe to drink.

What Causes Cloudy Water?

  • Air bubbles. In most cases, cloudy or milky-looking water is due to miniscule air bubbles that are produced in wells and public water systems. As the water is pumped, bubbles form and drift to the surface. This can cause a whitish appearance in your water, but as the bubbles reach the air, the water becomes clear again.
  • Particles. Occasionally, sediment such as sand can get into your water supply. These particles will be visible and they usually drift down to the bottom of your glass. It’s likely that your well needs additional maintenance in this scenario. While filtration can help, this could mean there is bacteria in your supply. Water specialists can help you resolve this common issue.
  • Methane gas. This is a rare cause of cloudy water, but it’s still possible. If your water supply is located near oil and gas wells, methane could be contaminating your water. Methane gas is an odorless and flammable substance that can look similar to harmless air bubbles. It is recommended that you contact water professionals for a test to determine if this is an issue. In some situations, an aerator can resolve the problem as it leads the gas out of your supply.
  • Pressure. Cloudy water could be caused by a heightened level of pressure in your supply. As temperatures decrease, the colder water takes in more air. Then, as it flows through your system, temperatures increase. The difference in pressure adds more air to the water, and this can make it look cloudy. However, after the water settles in your glass the bubbles should disperse.

What to Do Next

Cloudy water can look unpleasant, but in most cases it is not unsafe to drink. Both pressurization and air bubbles are extremely common, and a small amount of air in your pipes is needed to move water through your pipes. If you want to resolve this issue, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Let the water in your glass sit for a short while, and the bubbles should dissipate. Then you can drink with the peace of mind you deserve.
  2. If you let your water sit and it takes much longer for them to clear, there could be a separate issue going on. Do the bubbles clear from the bottom or the top? If they clear from the top, this could indicate that there are sediment particles in your supply. If they clear from the bottom, it could mean supplementary air needs to be eliminated from your pipes.
  3. Fill a glass with cold water from multiple water fixtures in your home. If your water only appears cloudy in some taps, this could be a sign that your aerators require maintenance. If the water looks cloudy in every tap, the air is most likely originating from the local supply in your area.
  4. Leave a glass of water out on the table overnight. If it doesn’t clear within 24 hours, you should contact your water specialists for a test.

Consider a Water Test

At Atlantic Blue Water Center, our state-certified water tests are completely free. You can even bring a sample to one of our centers if you’d prefer not to schedule an appointment at your home. From there, we will complete an in-depth analysis and provide you with water treatment solutions. While at-home testing kits can seem like a quick way to get results, these often fail to identify key contaminants. Choose a team of water specialists you can trust to provide you with accurate data.

Our specialists would love to speak to you about our treatment and filtration options. You and your family deserve healthy, safe drinking water that contains no pollutants, bacteria or harmful substances. We are here to help!

Make Sure Your Water Supply Is Safe to Drink with Atlantic Blue Water Center

We provide water treatment and water softening solutions for homeowners that want a cleaner water supply and water that is free from hazardous carcinogens that can contribute to increased cancer risk. We’re also focused on providing additional education on water treatment, water quality, and issues associated with water contaminants. Call us at (410) 751-9200 to schedule your in-home water testing appointment today.