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When many of us think about water quality, our primary concerns are whether or not we could get sick or experience negative health consequences as a result of drinking it. However, there are many other ways that the things in our water can impact our plumbing, our plumbing fixtures, and even our hair. One of the first signs of hard water that many people notice is changes in how their hair looks and feels. Additionally, there are other contaminants that can alter your hair. Is your home’s water ruining your hair?

Dull and Brittle Hair Is a Sign of Hard Water

Hard water has elevated levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium. It can lead to accumulation in your pipes, cause soaps to not lather as well, and do a poor job rinsing your hair and skin in the shower. For that reason, hard water can make your hair feel dull and brittle. Hard water also impacts your hair because the hardness minerals can accumulate on the hair shaft. This build-up leaves your hair feeling weighed down yet still dry. The calcium and magnesium left on your hair will combine with your hair’s natural oils and leave your scalp feeling dirty, despite you just stepping out of the shower. While cleansing treatments and scrubs can help, it is very hard to address the uncomfortable feeling of your hair being greasy but still too dry.

If you are worried about hard water ruining your hair, you can invest in a water softening system that will remove the elevated mineral levels from your water. It will also ensure that all shampoos and conditioners rinse out easily. Our team can help you complete water testing and determine what water softening system is best for your needs.

Some of the signs that you have hard water include:

  • Feeling a film on your hair, clothes, or skin after washing
  • Spotting on glassware and dishes after washing
  • Mineral stains on ceramic or on your clothing
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Dry hair or skin

Green Hair Is a Sign of Chlorine or Copper

Particularly if you have bleached or blonde hair, you might start to notice a greenish tint if your water has elevated levels of chlorine or copper in it. It’s the same thing that happens when swimmers spend a lot of time in the pool in the summer. Chlorine is used by water treatment facilities to remove bacteria and other disease-causing substances from the water. Unfortunately, sometimes the levels can be high enough to impact the condition of your hair. If you are worried that chlorinated water is ruining your hair, you should have your water tested to examine the levels that are present. The right water treatment system can remove high levels of copper or chlorine and make sure that your hair is not tinted.

Some of the signs that you have high levels of chlorine or copper in your water include:

  • Poor skin, hair, or nail health
  • Clothes that look dingy or dull
  • Pipe corrosion or damage
  • Yellow or brown tint
  • Water that is cloudy or hazy
  • A smell of chlorine
  • Brown rust-like staining on ceramic surfaces like toilets, tubs, or tiles
  • Soap residue

How Can You Fix Hard Water at Your Home?

The best way to determine how hard your water is is by having a water test completed by Atlantic Blue Water Center. We offer a comprehensive range of thorough tests that can determine exactly what your water contains, whether it is elevated levels of calcium or too much chlorine. A water softener can reduce the amount of minerals in your water so that your hair, skin, and nails feel like they did before.

Additionally, there are some ways that you can take care of your hair through smart everyday practices, even if you have high quality water at your home. First, try to use warm or cold water when washing your hair instead of hot water. Hot water removes protective natural oils from the hair shaft, and it can also lead to increased mineral accumulation. Particularly if your water is slightly hard, you can reverse the dryness and dullness of your hair by using deep conditioning masks. There are also natural remedies available to help keep your scalp from becoming too dry. 

Soften Hard Water at Your Home with Help from Atlantic Blue Water Center

We provide water treatment and water softening solutions for homeowners that want a cleaner water supply and water that is free from hazardous carcinogens that can contribute to increased cancer risk. We’re also focused on providing additional education on water treatment, water quality, and issues associated with water contaminants. Call us at (410) 751-9200 to schedule your in-home water testing appointment today.