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Water is one of the most important substances in our world, as it is one of the essential elements of a healthy life for plants, animals and people. For humans, staying hydrated is very important to our overall health and well-being. While there is no one consensus on how much water you need to drink every day, drinking more water can be a fantastic thing for many people. What are some of the benefits of drinking more water?

6 Benefits of Drinking More Water

  1. Cartilage is what can be found in our spinal discs and joints, and it’s what helps to cushion our bones and joints when we move. As cartilage decays or wears out, it can be painful for us to move around, and our joints will be unable to absorb shock as we place pressure on different parts of our bodies. Because cartilage is made up of approximately 80% water, dehydration can lead to joint pain and more issues with your mobility.
  2. One of the biggest benefits of drinking more water is maintaining a proper balance of fluids in your body. Our bodies are about 60% water, and it helps to make up a significant portion of things like saliva and blood. Because these fluids are so critical, when we are dehydrated we are harming every part of our body. If you are dehydrated or your body needs water, your brain will send you a signal that you are thirsty. If you are thirsty, you should rehydrate immediately.
  3. Your skin is also directly impacted by how much water you are drinking. When you are dehydrated, your skin can become more at-risk of a variety of skin disorders. Premature wrinkling can happen when you don’t drink enough water. Some other conditions like eczema can also be tied to having skin that is particularly dry from not drinking enough water.
  1. Did you know that one of the benefits of drinking more water is also better body temperature regulation? Water is stored in your skin and it will come to the surface of the skin as you get hot in the form of sweat. As sweat evaporates, it helps to cool your body down and regulate your body temperature. You are also at greater risk of heat-related illnesses like heat stroke if you are not hydrated enough. Being hydrated and maintaining enough water in your body can make it easier to tolerate hot temperatures.
  2. Even if you use water filtration systems, your water will still contain amounts of trace minerals that are critical to human health. Minerals and nutrients in your body also dissolve in water after you eat them, which makes it easier for them to get to different parts of your body and support your health.
  3. One of the other benefits of drinking more water is improved kidney function. Water flushes out waste products that are filtered by your kidneys, which carries them out of your body. Every day, your kidneys filter about 120-150 quarts of fluid from your body. That might seem like a big amount, but it’s important to remember that only 1-2 of those quarts are removed in the form of urine. The rest of the fluid goes back into the bloodstream. Water is what keeps everything moving, so having low levels of water in your body can harm your kidneys and lead to excess fluid and waste products accumulating in your body because there is not enough liquid to carry them out.

Drink More Water with Our Help

While drinking more water is critical, it is important to make sure that you are drinking water that is clean, healthy and safe. Atlantic Blue Water Center offers trustworthy water testing that will determine exactly what your water contains, whether you have a private well or you use city water. Once you complete the water testing process, we will give you a detailed report that can be used to determine the right filtration solution for you. Some more dangerous contaminants and chemicals might require a solution like reverse osmosis systems, while others can be fixed with mere carbon filtration. When you are looking forward to experiencing the benefits of drinking more water, don’t forget about the team at Atlantic Blue Water Center.

Make Sure Your Water Is Clean and Safe with Help from Atlantic Blue Water Center

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