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You walk past the kitchen sink one day, and the “whew” smells almost knocks you off your feet. Did you accidentally put something down the drain that now has come back to curdle your nose hairs? The answer is most likely no. The rotten egg smell coming from the kitchen sink is most likely the result of bacteria that has accumulated in your home’s drinking water supply.

Does your water smell like rotten eggs? If the answer is yes, bring a sample of your water to our state-of-the-art laboratory for water testing!

What Causes the Rotten Egg Smell?

It certainly is not a comforting statistic, but there are more than 300 chemicals found in drinking water in homes and commercial buildings throughout the United States. All you have to do to confirm how chemicals negatively impact our nation’s water supply is to reference the Flint, Michigan water crisis.

One of the chemicals called hydrogen sulfide is the culprit that produces the rotten egg smell that lurks in kitchen sinks and bathroom showers. Even a small dose of the chemical can create a foul odor that makes everyone run for some fresh sir. Although certainly nose cringing, the presence of hydrogen sulfide does not pose a lingering health risk.

Find the Source to Eliminate the Foul Smell

You do not have to be a CSI to understand where a rotten egg smell originates. However, you do need a certified team of technicians to narrow down what is causing the rotten egg smell to disrupt your life.

Here are a few common examples of where a rotten egg smell originates:

  • When it comes from using your hot water, then the water heater is the prime suspect
  • Rotten egg smell coming from both hot and cold water faucets indicates a problem with the plumbing or underground water source
  • Isolated instances of it means a pipe or a drain is the source of the rotten egg smell

How to Eliminate a Rotten Egg Scent

The easiest way to eliminate a foul odor in your home’s water supply is to run all the faucets for around 10 minutes. Running water from every faucet can clear out the rotten egg smell. Cleaning the hot water heater is another way to remove the bad smell, but first make sure you turn off the water supply before connecting a hose to attach on the drain valve of the hot water heater. You can also disinfect the hot water heater to eliminate the source of a rotten egg scent.

Install Water Filters

One of the most convenient and affordable ways to fix your rotten egg smelling water is to install water filters throughout your home. Water filters require replacement at intervals recommended by the manufacturer. At Atlantic Blue Water Center, you can find water filters that match the design of your water supply system. If the rotten egg smell comes from the groundwater or distribution system, we can install custom made water filters to address the more challenging problem of eliminating a rotten egg scent.


Contact Atlantic Blue Water Center to Remove Foul Water Odors

Having to deal with the smell of rotten eggs not only is an issue for everyone living with you, it can also be an embarrassment when you host parties and other types of social events for friends and family members. The strength of a rotten egg odor can carry far beyond the walls of a kitchen or a bathroom. It can leave your home and negatively impact your neighbors. The best strategy to prevent foul odors from diminishing the quality of your water is by scheduling regular tests of your home’s water supply.

The certified team of professionals at Atlantic Blue Water Center deliver highly rated water testing and treatment services to customers living in central and eastern Maryland. Our Westminster, MD company responds to home visit requests quickly to remove the smell of rotten eggs.

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