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The first way that many homeowners discover that they have a hard water problem is strange staining in the sink or tub. The water might also taste odd when you take a sip, and over time you will probably notice that your clothes don’t get as clean as they used to. Beyond the superficial impacts you discover, hard water affects your health. How can you fix your hard water and keep your family healthy?

How Hard Water Affects Your Health

Numerous studies have been conducted to pinpoint how hard water affects your health. One, found in the International Journal of Preventative Medicine, found that hard drinking water and the high levels of minerals in it could be linked to increased cardiovascular mortality and disease. If you have hard water in your home, you are not alone. Studies show that 85% of American homes have hard water that contains high levels of magnesium and calcium. Even if your water is not considered to be very hard, you could still witness how hard water affects your health firsthand.

For example, if you drink water with high levels of magnesium for an extended period of time, it could lead to diarrhea and a laxative effect after drinking. Another common indicator of hard water is eczema and skin irritation. If you bathe in hard water, your skin can become rough, bumpy and dry over time. This is because the minerals that are within the water can prevent your soap and shampoo from properly dissolving and rinsing off. Instead, they sit on the surface of the skin despite rinsing and lead to irritation. By correcting the balance of minerals and salts in the water, you can lower the chances that hard water affects your health.

How to Tell if You Have Hard Water

If you just moved or are experiencing health issues and unsure if the underlying factor might be the water that you are drinking, it’s understandable you are looking to fix your hard water! Some of the signs that you have hard water include:

  • Your water has a strange odor or taste (metallic, rotten eggs, dirt, etc.)
  • You can see brown or red-brown stains on porcelain surfaces like sinks and toilets
  • Your bathtub and shower accumulate soap scum
  • Your dishes are spotty or not fully clean after washing by hand or in a dishwasher
  • Your skin is irritated after taking a shower
  • Your pipes and showerheads are often clogged
  • Your clothes do not seem clean and feel scratchy, hard or uncomfortable after washing
  • Your appliances that use water wear out much faster than anticipated or require regular repairs

Beyond how hard water affects your health, you may want to fix your hard water problem because of the impact on your appliances. If you have hard water, your water heater will use 29% more energy to heat water over its lifespan. Over the course of 10 years, you could spend a whopping $1,500 more on your water bill if you have hard water. Alarmingly, the lifespan of your home appliances that rely on water can also decrease between 30-50%!

How to Fix Your Hard Water Problem

First, you should give the experts at Atlantic Blue Water Center a call. We can work to understand your current issues and suggest potential solutions. Sometimes customers with hard water have other underlying issues that must be repaired. In those cases, there might be other steps required to fix your hard water.

If you are concerned about how hard water affects your health, you can install a high-quality water softener to save you water and money. We sell, install and maintain water softeners that balance the minerals in your water and eliminate the signs of hard water, like a strange taste and skin irritation. Water softeners also extend the life of your pipes, fixtures and appliances by reducing and removing the minerals that lead to staining and increased wear and tear. The CareSoft Elite softener is one of our premier models, and it monitors and self-adjusts over time to your home’s water usage. The innovative controller also allows you the freedom to fine-tune the system as necessary to meet your exact needs.

Fix Your Hard Water with Help from Atlantic Blue Water Center

Whether you are looking for bottle-less water coolers to provide you with fresh water 24/7 or water conditioners to remedy water hardness, Atlantic Blue Water Center is here to help. Our industry-leading solutions can be customized to your unique requirements. To learn more about how we can help your home or business access clean, healthy and cost-effective water, call us today at (410) 840-BLUE. We look forward to meeting your needs.