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Limescale is a substance that many homeowners spot around the house due to spotting and white traces lingering on bathroom faucets, stainless steel in the kitchen, or the glasses in their cabinet. Hard water is the cause of limescale, and it can be corrected with a water softener. While limescale is unattractive and can be a sign that your appliances and clothes are getting too much wear and tear, is it a hazard for your health? Here is what you need to know about whether or not limescale is harmful in drinking water. 

What Is Limescale?

Limescale is a white substance that is easily visible on metal surfaces in particular. Most homeowners first notice it on their water pipes, fixtures, boiler, or other water and heating surfaces. Limescale occurs when you have hard water with elevated levels of calcium and magnesium. When hard water evaporates or is heated, the water will leave behind the minerals that it once contained. While it might not initially appear like much, limescale can accumulate dramatically over time. 

Why Is Limescale Bad?

While limescale is not harmful in drinking water to your health, it can do serious damage to your home. The minerals in water can accumulate in your plumbing system and pipes and create limescale on the inside of the pipe. This increases the water pressure in the pipe and can make it harder for water to push through. It also can degrade the appliances in your home that use water, like the dishwasher or the washing machine. People with hard water often need to replace their appliances more frequently or have repairs made more often.

On top of increased wear and tear, limescale also is unattractive and makes clean surfaces look unclean. When it is accumulated on a faucet or tap, it appears like a chalky white substance. When on glasses or plates, it can make things appear dull and cloudy. If you noticed that your dishes do not seem sparkling clean even after washing them, there is a strong possibility that you have hard water.

Additionally, cleaning products are designed to be used with soft water that does not have elevated mineral content. Laundry detergent, hand soap, and even the shampoo that you use in your shower can all be hard to foam when you are using them if you have hard water. This can lead to you using more cleaning products in an effort to get them to be just as effective and also leave behind soap scum on your skin, your scalp, and your clothing. If you noticed yourself trying to use more of something to feel the same level of clean, you should have your water tested.

Is Limescale Harmful in Drinking Water?

While many homeowners do care about the impact that limescale can have on their appliances and their hair, most are primarily concerned about whether or not it can negatively impact the health of them and their family. Limescale is not immediately harmful to your health if you take it in through drinking water. You will be drinking a higher level of minerals, but the amount of minerals present in the amount of water that you drink in a day will likely not lead to any poor effects, and you will merely push out any excess calcium and magnesium in your waste. Many people already drink mineral water, so hard water is not tremendously different. However, those mineral waters are tested to ensure that they are completely clean and safe. 

Your hard water might contain other dangerous contaminants that you might want to remove to ensure the health and safety of your family. Our team can test your water to determine what is present and help give you the information that you need to make informed decisions about your water filtration and your health.

How Can You Remove Limescale from Your Home?

The only way to permanently get rid of elevated mineral levels and limescale is a water softener. Water softeners get rid of elevated mineral levels at a faucet-level or in the water circulating throughout your home. They can be used in conjunction with other water filtration methods to get rid of chemicals or other substances that you want to remove at the same time. We can help you find the right solution for your specific needs, whatever they are. 

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