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With so many contaminants entering the water supply, it’s no wonder that many Americans consume bottled water. While bottled water has negative consequences for the environment, many people believe its health benefits outweigh the costs. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between clean water and acting environmentally responsible: there are now bottle-less alternatives for clean water.

For commercial property owners that provide water to customers, clients, and staff, bottled water coolers are traditionally the appliance of choice. While bottled water coolers offer convenience, they’re actually often more expensive and harmful than their alternatives. Let’s explore the benefits of using a bottle-less water cooler in your business.

More Cost-Effective

You might not realize how much you’re overpaying by using a traditional water cooler in your place of work. In fact, the cost of buying bottled water can be around 40 times the cost of using reverse osmosis with bottle-less coolers. If you’re searching for ways to save money, altering your water supply is a good place to start.

Woman filling glass from water cooler, closeup

Better Taste

Water stored in large plastic bottles can often develop a chemical or artificial taste. In many cases, the large plastic bottles used in water coolers can sit in storage facilities for months at a time. This can have a significant influence on the taste of the water, which can reflect poorly on your business if your clients or customers drink from your water cooler.


Not only do bottle-less coolers help you save money, but they’re also much easier to use. If you don’t want to waste time replacing water bottles, having a bottle-less cooler that automatically sources water and purifies it is a perfect solution.

Business owners that use traditional water coolers must remember to call their suppliers regularly to schedule delivery and removal. Once you have a bottle-less system, you’ll realize how much time and effort you’ve wasted on your old cooler.


Another reason many business owners are switching to bottle-less coolers is cleanliness. When you have a closed system that doesn’t require exposure to people, new bottles, and other outside elements, you can rest assured that your water is much cleaner and healthier. If you’re constantly changing bottles in your office, your water will be exposed to potential contaminants.

Additionally, with bottled water coolers, you’re relying on the cleanliness of your supplier. If your supplier is reusing bottles or not adhering to robust water treatment standards, you might be consuming contaminated water without realizing it. Using reverse osmosis to clean your water is one of the best ways to take back control of your supply chain.

Environmentally Conscious

Plastic doesn’t have biodegradable benefits; using plastic places considerable strain on the world’s ecosystem. If you want your business to be as eco-friendly as possible, it’s crucial to avoid plastic use as much as possible.

While many businesses reuse their water bottles to protect the environment, you’re still partaking in the plastic supply chain. In doing so, you’re encouraging the further production of plastics that harm the environment. If you want to send a message that your company is aware of environmental responsibility, it’s a good idea to consider using bottle-less water coolers.

Try Bottle-less Water Coolers Today

If you’re ready to upgrade your water source, there’s never been a better time to access bottle-less water coolers. At Atlantic Blue Water Center, we provide industry-leading bottle-less water cooler solutions to our clients. If you’d like to explore our options or try our products, feel free to visit us in-store.

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