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You probably already know that water testing is recommended on a regular basis. However, how often is “on a regular basis”? At Atlantic Blue Water Center, we suggest performing a water test annually with help from our certified experts. You and your family drink water every day, but you may not be aware of harmful pollutants lurking in your supply. The only way to know what’s in your water is to test it consistently over time. 

Why Your Water Should Be Tested Annually

In today’s world, there are constant changes taking place all around us, and we must adjust to them. A change in water quality can occur over time, especially if there has been any new construction or agricultural activity nearby. Testing your water yearly ensures it’s safe to drink and free from nitrates, coliform bacteria, pesticides and more. Whether you own a private well or your water is sourced from a municipal system, it’s important to know your water is healthy at all times. 

What Contaminants are Found with Annual Water Testing

Most homeowners are shocked by the wide variety of contaminants that show up in their water supply. These can include:

  • Physical contaminants like sediment, soil and organic matter
  • Chemical contaminants like nitrogen, metals, pesticides, salts, bleach, prescription medications, and bacterial toxins 
  • Biological contaminants like viruses, bacteria, and parasites
  • Radiological contaminants like plutonium and uranium

Your certified water test results will indicate which contaminants have infiltrated your supply. From there, one of our water specialists will sit down with you to discuss potential avenues for treatment.

Signs You Need Annual Water Testing

When you stay on top of water testing every year, you protect your family’s health. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to be on the lookout for changes in your water supply. While an annual water test is recommended, more frequent testing may be required if you notice something concerning. If you’re currently experiencing any of the following situations, it’s highly important to call us for a water test. We’ll quickly identify the root cause of the problem and restore your water to its original condition.

  • Unexplained gastrointestinal illness
  • Corrosion in your plumbing system
  • Nearby farming activity
  • Nearby mining or gas drilling operations
  • Nearby landfill, factory, or dumping ground
  • Stained water fixtures
  • Strange taste or smell
  • Soap that won’t lather, limescale on dishware, dry skin
  • Cloudy, frothy, or oddly-colored water

At Atlantic Blue Water Center, our experts will complete a thorough examination of your water to test for any of these issues. No matter what problem you’re dealing with, we can help you resolve it in a timely manner. You and your family deserve safe water you can count on for everyday use, and we’re committed to assisting you every step of the way. 

How Our Annual Water Testing Works

Our water testing is completely free for local residents and commercial business owners. With us, you also have the option to receive in-home testing or bring a sample to our full-service water center. Unlike inadequate water testing kits, which only identify a small amount of substances, our testing is full-proof. All of our specialists are trained to identify a wide range of pollutants, and our testing process is state certified. After closely examining your water, we’ll provide you with a detailed report to reveal what we discovered. 

From this point, we’d be more than happy to discuss water treatment solutions with you. We understand that discolored, cloudy or foul-tasting water is alarming, and we’ll work with you to eliminate the problem. We’re confident we can help you resolve any water issue; when you partner with us, you’re in good hands. 

To schedule your in-home water test, or if you need access to our 24-hour emergency line, contact us today. 

Learn More about Annual Water Testing with Atlantic Blue Water Center

If you want to reduce your exposure to harmful contaminants, it’s vital to filter your drinking water. At Atlantic Blue Water Center, we help our customers remove toxins and contaminants from their water supply. If you want to learn about the contaminants currently in your home’s water, bring a sample to our storefront, and our lab technicians will perform an in-depth assessment of its quality.

We provide water treatment solutions like reverse osmosis for homeowners that want a cleaner water supply. We’re also focused on providing additional education on water treatment, water quality, and issues associated with water contaminants. Call us at (410) 751-9200 if you’d like more information about our services.