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Water Treatment Retail

Water is essential to everyday life. Whether you’re boiling it for dinner, washing your clothes, or enjoying a cold glass, we need water to make it through the day, week, month, and year. Make sure you have the cleanest, purest water possible with reliable and affordable water treatment products.

Water Softener Salts

Improve the taste and appearance of tap water with water softener salts. The pellets soften your clothes and skin, which makes cleaning at home easier. Your home becomes instantly more welcoming with soft water from the Atlantic Blue Water Services.

Our salts are compatible with most water softening systems. They eliminate hard water spots on tiles, sinks, faucets, and dishes without leaving behind impurities, like other softening salt retailers. Combat build-up and extend the longevity of your water softening system today.

Water softeners come in three forms: pellets, rocks, and blocks. Evaporated salt pellets offer the highest level of purity at 99.9%, minimizing unwanted accumulation in your pipes and boilers. Rock salts are a budget-friendly option, resembling small pebbles, while block salts are ideal for bulk water treatment.

Water Filters

Water filters make unpleasant smells and tastes disappear. They remove potentially harmful contaminants, such as chlorine, iron, fluoride, lead, bacteria, parasitic cysts, and copper. The result is better water and a healthier lifestyle.

We carry a range of water filters that remove up to 99% of waterborne contaminants. Some of the most popular models include ion exchange, activated carbon, reverse osmosis, mechanical, and ultra-violet filters. Each filter has distinct benefits; ultra-violet does not use chemicals or heat, and reverse-osmosis has up to seven filtration stages.

Our filters fit the leading brands and styles, including under-sink water filters and whole-house-filtration. The range of water filters ensures you get the exact product you need without sacrificing quality. We also offer professional installation, as well as water testing and treatment.

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Find fittings that connect to all types of water treatment systems. Compression-style fittings secure the tubing to the connector with a single bolt, while quick connect-style fittings work in commercial and residential settings. View our inventory for a complete selection of styles and sizes.

Rubber Grommets

Cover and protect equipment with our wide selection of rubber grommets. The flexible materials fit snuggly into any hole, whether you need to hide wiring, reduce vibrations, cover sharp edges, or minimize abrasion. Check out our selection to find rubber grommets with the thickness and diameter that meet your needs.


Check and control valves are essential to a well-regulated water treatment process. Our dynamic and long-lasting products give you the ultimate precision over the feed, flow, pressure, and discharge of water. They also minimize the effects of corrosion and scaling in your pipes.

Plumbing Products

Even the best water treatment systems require occasional maintenance. Find everything you need from water heaters and coolers to acid neutralizers to keep your water treatment system in like-new condition.

No matter your plumbing goals, Atlantic Blue Water Center has the parts and products to accomplish them. Contact us today by calling (410) 751-9200 to learn more!